Concept for Volunteers, Representatives and Diplomats

Volunteers, Representatives or Diplomats worldwide are free to establish and forward own ideas to be approved by the Head Office in Denmark.

Any kind of events can be launched in the regions represented and in close cooperation with one or more of our cooperating partners, authorities or private sponsors.

Each project must have a specific theme and program for the ultimate receiver of either donations or practical assistance package described in details. The surplus of any projects will be forwarded directly to the responsible parties providing the help and assistance in the area of either acute or developing procedures.

Focus in all areas of the world may be considered by all representatives and diplomats as follows:

  • Social and community development
  • Environment and nature conservation
  • Human rights, women and children
  • Wildlife surveying and expeditions
  • Medicine and health care
  • Construction, sanitation, housing
  • Education and teaching
  • Agriculture and organic farming

Representatives and Diplomats in charge of the respective events are allowed a salary for the time used in connection with the arrangements and volunteers must have a record of minimum two years work in any kind of NGO or other registered organizations.

General donations to the organization “Artists in Action” are not applicable, but donations from sponsors and authorities are welcomed and will be implemented in our campaigns either for a specific event or in general as per agreement between the parties.

Our aim is to minimize the administration costs as much as possible, thence being able to provide the receiving parties with a bigger surplus in donations and help assistance.

Anyone interested to work for our motto “Culture unites Cultures for Humanity” are welcome to contact us for further details and you may as well send your application as well including the following details:

  • Full name and address
  • Brief description of your career or education
  • Location or region you would like to represent
  • Eventual preferred themes

All representatives will be implemented in our website under re-construction with relevant details, profile photos and contact  information.

Eventual candidates to be implemented in our administration steering group are welcome to apply for such a post as well including the same details as stipulated in the above mentioned items.

Cooperating Partners:

International Committee of the Red Cross, Save the Children, Lions International, Rotary International and Doctors without Borders.

Kurt Lykke Lindved

Goodwill Ambassador

“Artists in Action

Culture unites Cultures for Humanity

Tlf.: +45 85 43 48 96 (Duet)

Tlf.: +45 23 11 02 24 (Mobile)


2 comments on “Concepts

  1. Great project! We are very pleased to know that with lots of creativity, we can build human pearls in order to improve the colors of the world’s rainbow!

    With our training as Educators, Community Animators and Artists within “Orfeus Creations”, we are able to be a real contribution.

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