Meeting Points


As a guideline for new “meeting points” to be established worldwide, please note the following items for your convenience and eventual action. You may of course consider the items as a guideline only insofar some regional areas might have other but slightly similar conditions to offer. Anyone having an idea, contact or owner of resort centers are welcome to contact the undersigned.

Locations and places that may qualify for a “meeting point” can be described as follows:

  • A hotel or resort center located in a city with 5 – 100.000 citizens.
  • Hall Exhibition, Stage and Conference Facilities
  • Rooms available for a minimum of 20 persons
  • Quietly located in nature or close to the water front
  • Restaurants or Café`s
  • Free time possibilities like swimming, hiking, wellness, horse riding etc.
  • Internet access and TV
  • Bookings of halls, conferences and rooms from 1 – 3 weeks
  • Eventual possibilities for Franchising or other financial issues
  • Sponsor agreements included in package solutions

Our aim is to find and establish a minimum of 5 places worldwide each year qualifying as per the above mentioned items.

At the present stage we have 9 hotel and resort centers on the agenda and as soon as we have finalized all details you will be advised accordingly with a schedule and agenda for the respective events, exhibitions or concerts in question.

The countries now in focus are France, Portugal, Denmark, Switzerland,The Gran Canary Islands, Canada and Ecuador. Upcoming areas will be USA and Tunesia.

Kurt Lykke Lindved

Goodwill Ambassador

One comment on “Meeting Points

  1. A marvelous initiative! Culture is indeed an identity of a people, Art & Culture are the activities of that people. Documentation of such activities are profound historical records for research, education, delectation & for posterity to share in the amazing treasures of God given to man. I welcome, totally embrace & encourage this laudable idea while hoping that the spirit behind this project will envelope the entire globe to foster peace, oneness & most of all, LOVE for the Arts & for Humanity.
    Best Wishes,

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