Scientists: We are six degrees from our own destruction.

So far, politicians around the world have agreed that the temperature must not rise by more than two degrees. The restriction is, however – according to scientists – not observed which can be fatal.

FACTS: This may happen if the temperature rises by…

One degree:

* Half a million people on the islands will have to move. Tuvalu, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Tokelau and the Maldives are sinking into the ocean and coastal areas on other islands will be engulfed by the sea. * Every year, 10,000 square kilometers of additional seawater because of melting ice from Antarctica.

Two degrees:

* More heat waves in Europe. In summer 2003, 35,000 people died of heat, as several European cities had more than 40 degrees.

* Every other summer will be hotter than 2003 if the average temperature rises two degrees. The polar bear will probably soon become extinct.

Three degrees:

* Amazon rainforest dries out, causing a catastrophe for animal and plant life.

* Australia is the world’s driest country – the number of days with temperatures above 40 degrees six-fold and precipitation decreases by 25 percent.

Four degrees:

* Bangladesh loses more than 30 percent of their land – tens of millions will be homeless.

* Southern Europe loses 70 percent of the summer rains, heat waves lasts on average 65 days longer than today, and forest fires will reach the Alps.

Five degrees:

* Probably billions of people die because the planet can no longer feed all people.

Six degrees:

* The last time it was six degrees warmer than the comparative year 1750 – 251 million years ago – died out almost all life on Earth.

We stand at the moment amid a global crisis – financially and anthropogenic revolutions and may have “forgotten” that the climate situation is a question about the entire population’s existence on this planet. 

…. And NASA take this seriously, added to the observations they have done recently with the sun `s intense storms as well as” holes ” that are getting bigger and bigger around both Earth poles.

….. but the climate people have unfortunately difficult odds in these times … there is not enough “votes” for politicians in climate policy.

The Sun – Photo by NASA

Kurt Lykke Lindved


European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage – EUROPA NOSTRA Awards

The European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage – Europa NOSTRA Awards highlight some of Europe’s best achievements in heritage care, and showcase remarkable efforts made in raising awareness about our cultural heritage.

About the PrizeExemplary heritage achievements in Europe are awarded in the following four categories:

  • conservation projects,
  • research,
  • dedicated service to heritage conservation by individuals and/or groups, and
  • education, training and awareness raising within Europe’s cultural heritage sector.

The Prize consists of two award levels:

  • Up to six entries will be awarded a Grand Prix, which includes a monetary award of € 10 000.
  • Up to twenty-five entries will receive an Award.


The Foundation, Europa Nostra was selected in 2007 on the basis of an open call for proposals as part of the “Special action” of the Culture Programme. Europa Nostra is in charge of organising the selection and the award ceremony of the European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage.

2011 Winners

27 projects won the 2011 European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards. The awards will be presented on 10 June during a ceremony at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam in the presence of Androulla Vassiliou, European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth, and Plácido Domingo, the world-renowned tenor and president of Europa Nostra. Out of the 27 winning projects, six will be named as ‘grand prix’ laureates at the ceremony as 2011’s most outstanding heritage achievements.

2011 Award Winners (listed alphabetically by country)


‘s Hertogenmolens (the Duke’s Mills), Aarschot, BELGIUM

Station Antwerpen Centraal (Antwerp Central Station), Antwerp, BELGIUM  (Grand Prix)

Villa Empain, Brussels, BELGIUM

L’Abbaye d’Ardenne, Saint Germain la Blanche Herbe, Basse-Normandie, FRANCE

Conservation of furniture in Boulle-Technique, Munich, GERMANY

Ancient Messene, Messenia, GREECE


Spichlerz Błękitny Baranek (Blue Lamb Granary), Gdańsk, POLAND

Los tapices de Pastrana (Tapestries of Pastrana), Pastrana, Guadalajara, SPAIN

Preindustrial buildings in Ademuz / Sesga, Ademuz, Valencia, SPAIN  (Grand Prix)

The Hackfall woodland garden, Grewelthorpe, North Yorkshire, UNITED KINGDOM  (Grand Prix)

In this category, a Europa Nostra Award is presented to a project from a European country not taking part in the EU Culture Programme:

Kisha e Shën Gjergjit (The church of St. George), Shipcka, ALBANIA

Category 2: RESEARCH

Study on wooden churches and bell towers of Europe, Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC

Architectural heritage of the buffer zone in the walled city of Nicosia, CYPRUS  (Grand Prix)

Study on thatching in western Europe, from Asturias to Iceland, Madrid, SPAIN


Professor Tomáš Durdík, Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC

Förderverein Kloster Bredelar e.V. (Friends of the Bredelar Monastery), Marsberg, GERMANY

Bond Heemschut (heritage association), Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS

Szymon Modrzejewski, Uście Gorlickie, POLAND  (Grand Prix)

Dr. Hans-Christian Habermann, Sibiu, ROMANIA


Monumental churches of Antwerp, BELGIUM

Hart voor volkscafés (Heart for people’s cafés) in Flanders and Brussels, BELGIUM

4 grada Dragodid – Preserving dry-stone masonry techniques of the Eastern Adriatic, Zagreb, CROATIA

ArtZuid Foundation – sculptures and architecture in Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS

Education centre and restoration of the monastery of San Millán de Yuso, San Millán de la Cogolla, La Rioja, SPAIN

Weald & Downland open air museum, Chichester, West Sussex, UNITED KINGDOM  (Grand Prix)

Hampshire & Wight Trust for Maritime Archaeology, Southampton, UNITED KINGDOM

Editor: Kurt Lykke Lindved, Author, Lecturer and Ambassador

Restoration and structural changes in the organization “Artists in Action – Culture unites Cultures for Humanity”.

On June 14, 2011, it will be my last contribution to the organization “Artists in Action – Culture unites Cultures for Humanity” and my future work will mainly be lectures of UN `s diverse organizations, and private event organizers.

All sponsors in the AACCH organization are Danish international companies. The EU and our private sponsors have until now supported our concept, but will in the future stop all sponsorships for other and more directly approaches. This is mainly due to the fact that the support from other foreign sponsors have been zero and lack of interest from artists to exhibit their artworks even though the exhibition areas have been offered for free.

We have unfortunately also noted that the areas where we are taking a token-amount of only EURO 5,00 for charity concerts meets strong resistance among many, even though the mission is “aid programs” to help the hundreds of thousands of children that dies of hunger every day across the world.

The AACCH organization will continue as  a sub-cultural organizer of the support and assistance to young people in developing countries having a great need for training, exchange and financial support  to up-build an infrastructure in their own neighborhoods and under supervision and leadership of our “European Culture- and Humanity Fund –
Fundraising for children and young persons in exchange programs ”

I have obviously been happy to work with artists and all that it might involve in the good and bad experiences, but must be in line with EU and our sponsors attitude to the experience we have now weighed in the balance pan burdensome result – a final farewell to the culture that should unite cultures, but a larger and direct work with humanity precisely where the need is greatest.

On behalf of the EU, The AACCH Board Committee and Sponsors, we thank so much to those persons, who made a lot of efforts to unite the culture to the benefit of many in the world in need for a better understanding of the word “humanity” via that help we could manage to offer whether large or small contributions.


Kurt Lykke Lindved

Founder and Ambassador (AACCH)



A Vision, Idea, Dream or Illusion about Humanity.

I always have and ever since my younger days been interested in the humans, and their differences in cultures and traditions. Perhaps an inner urge for a few years’ residence in the  Greenland ice with only a military colleague and 22 dogs of loneliness in both harsh conditions, but also a heaven when the climate of nature showed itself in the most beautiful way.

Recognition of own positive and negative sides have been subject to numerous revisions over the years and I am now at the dawn of the so-called third age dealing more with people in different human relationships than I’ve ever done it before.

Right here and now I, along with countless friends, participating in several projects which includes many features to satisfy so many it is now possible as per a concept built on cooperation in a collective attempt to get as many people as possible integrated in the work of foreign cultures and especially helping those who suffer around the world.

However, it requires many things to combine the practical chores – logistic, meetings, travel, planning, public relations, lots of typing and talking’s with all involved in one way or another. The work of NGOs and NPOs are only for enthusiasts who do not think in egocentric lanes, but dedicate their soul and body to the benefit of ultimate targets – the human, in collaboration with many different cultures and traditions, where only compromises can solve the sometimes different working conditions from country to country.

Many have tried this before and many again have capitulated before the projects were ever launched. Reality is often far from the first ideas, dreams and visions which can quickly turn into illusions.

Thoughts about the work of the ultimate targets around compassion and support to those people who actually need assistance are allocated through the mind from time to time. Status in my own little universe has reached the point. where I must note, that it is not in my lifetime, that our goals will be within that reach of stability. There are simply too many economic forces at play in the circle of direct or indirect contribution providers that must  learn the discipline to think of others while of course we must protect ourselves in the circumstances life now even have given us.

The AACCH organization like many others has some key words – justice, trust, cooperation, openness and conscience being the characteristics, that people need to succeed in work, either professionally or as unpaid worker in a forum where human expression is different in words and attitudes. Otherwise, the work for human justice and help will be equal to any inactive organization or business that only appears on a piece of paper.

Our next event called “Symphony of Human Unity” will be launched in Nazaré, Portugal 23 May – 13 June 2011 – A new meeting point for those interested in cooperative goals in cultural aspects and humanity. Follow this link:

Kurt Lykke Lindved


New Fund Established – European Culture- and Humanity Fund.

European Culture- and Humanity Fund aims to promote European cooperation through allocation of contributions to the cultural fields of exhibitions. concerts, workshops and sport events in connection with the work for cross cultural knowledge and integration. There may also be granted for cooperation with an international perspective in order to present European culture and on culture.

Among the priority areas are: projects for children and youth projects which promote European language understandings and different cultures, projects which promote the use of new media projects that intend to reduce xenophobia and racism as well as projects that have broad popular support.

Contributions are made primarily for projects of non-recurring and major European areas; in practice at least 7 participating European countries. Contributions shall not be granted for individual study trips.

European Culture- and Humanity Fund gives support to four different types of activities:

  • Appraisals (max budget approximately € 10.000- 12.000.) Closing project formulation is a funding opportunity targeted towards associations who need to finish projects in proposal already well on its way.
  • Partnership activity (max. budget approximately € 67.000) its purpose is to strengthen the cooperation with the local partner or/and to strengthen the partners professional and organizational capacity and network.
  • Minor development project (max. budget approximately € 135.000) particularly aimed at first time applicants who want to start actual development projects but also aimed at experienced applicants who will experiment, test new ideas or work in new countries.
  • Larger development projects (budget between approximately € 135.000.000 and 670.000) supports experienced and very experienced organizations development projects.

Activities and interventions should be considered as a balance between serve delivery, capacity building and advocacy. The aim is to create synergy, cohesion and wholeness in the intervention.
Consequently, it is a fundamental requirement that the project contribute to strengthening organization locally, as well as to boosting the local partner’s and target group’s abilities to pursue development on their own, and to champion the cause of poor people vis-à-vis, for instance, authorities and persons in powerful positions locally, regionally and nationally.

More information as soon as a new website is available.

Kurt Lykke Lindved

Founder of

“European Culture- and Humanity Fund”


AACCH Press Release – Organizational Changes.

After evaluation of the last AACCH event at Gran Canary, I have agreed to the proposals by our advisers Deloitte and Lou & Partners, that future projects will be managed as follows:

¤ All the projects will in the future be led by a so called top three individuals to be classified as a “management team” in the AACCH organization.

¤ So far we have decided that this management team will consist of individuals each being responsible for one of the domains e.g. sponsors, economics and project management.

¤ All the projects will be supervised by one or more by this management team and all new projects will only be arranged by the organization AACCH.

It will not be possible in the future to arrange projects with potential partners as a joint service, since the experience proves that any loss-making projects pose more problems than desirable.

The current sponsors will jointly identify their representative to manage this team and so far Deloitte will take care of the economy while the undersigned will continue as project manager.

It should also be added that everyone in one way or another affiliated with AACCH `s activities and objectives must contribute actively to disseminate knowledge of the organization AACCH, thence being aware for us to see who is ” burning ” for the concept, which is important to us whenever further steps must be taken in eventual organizational or participating areas.

Best wishes and have a wonderful time wherever you are in the world.

Kurt Lykke Lindved

Founder and Goodwill Ambassador (AACCH)

Artists in Action – Culture unites Cultures for Humanity

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

A Changing World 2011 – Cultural Aspects during Conflics

Our otherwise lovely planet seems to be a non- peaceful place to stay in these times and the media coverage and images we are served daily is not very nice to look at.

I have been in Tunisia recently – and much work is still left for a viable democracy. What I noticed however, was the fact that culture was intact and functioned quite normally, even though the country has experienced a revolution and precisely this is essential for the further process whatever country it might be about.

The cultural work should of course continue regardless of the individual situations and especially in regions where democracy is at the beginning to a life in freedom and peace without fear of any interference with the individual’s right to speak and move freely around in the cultural universe.

The AACCH organization was later on in Gran Canary with the arrangement “Symphony of Human Unity” which could rightly be considered as high current in this particular time.

Many inhabitants in Gran Canary were really scared of the whole situation right now – perhaps not unnaturally viewed with historical eyes, since Spain has been in conflict with the Arab countries many times but many years ago.

How long this smoldering and unconscious fears will exist is hard to say, but culture and the people involved and interested in the cohesion of the world may have a lot of work ahead to learn others how to respect and accept art in openness, thence possible to move human fears away but substituted for peace and harmony in everyday life.


The AACCH organization will constantly try to improve and adapt Concepts related to the circumstances at any time in the world – for now we will continue with the events already planned, and the events that are completed will be evaluated continuously and any experience may of course change or inspire future events. Our forthcoming events will be the “Symphony of Human Unity” in Nazaré, Portugal and the reunion event with Mona Youssef and Sabrina Lanzi in Aarhus, Denmark.

Link to “Symphony of Human Unity”, Portugal:

All the best from

Kurt Lykke Lindved – Goodwill Ambassador (AACCH)

¤  ¤  ¤  ¤  ¤  ¤  ¤  ¤  ¤  ¤  ¤  ¤  ¤  ¤  ¤


Gran Canary AACCH Venue February 2011

”Artists in Action – Culture unites Cultures for Humanity” in Cooperation with “Culture Creatives Europe”

“Symphony of Human Unity”

Gran Canary – Agaete, Guia and Las Palmas – February 2011

¤ Visit to Gran Canary Island in June 2010 and January 2011 and meetings with representatives from Cultural Creatives Europe, The Tourist Office and Governmental Freelance Event Persons, Rural Hotel Las Longueras, Cultural Officials in The Municipality of Agaete, The Municipality of Guia and Arucas.

¤ The Rural Hotel Roca Negra, Agaete was appointed as the place for the AACCH Exhibition Events in cooperation with Cultural Creatives Europe until beginning January 2011.

¤ During the visit by the undersigned in January 2011 I was picked up by representatives from Cultural Creatives Europe in order to proceed to the hotel Roca Negra where I should stay according to the latest correspondence and communication. I was, however, redirected to another Rural Hotel without any notice beforehand. The hotel was called “Finca Las Longueras” and did not have the facilities as described in the AACCH concept for “Meeting Points” but located in a very beautiful area of the Island.

¤ The location for the exhibition events was changed by “Cultural Creatives Europe” and the undersigned was not aware of this before – and having 3 weeks left for the launch of the exhibition was somewhat of a challenge and the choice was either to cancel or continue our efforts best possible under those conditions.

¤ The Rural Las Longueras had no indoor facilities for exhibitors, but a nice area outside, but to be considered as a kind of “art market” without possibilities for high paid artists to join insofar it was too risky considering eventual damages by rain and heavy wind. We discovered unfortunately already such an incident in the late afternoon after the reception with heavy rain and wind and it made the entire exhibition upside-down and secure the art works into a safe room in the hotel.

¤ The tents were not waterproofed nor secured very good – It was made somewhat better the next day, but far from a good and normal standard even for outdoor exhibitions. A few international artists was on holiday staying on the Roca Negra Hotel, but refused to exhibit under those outdoor conditions.

¤ The AACCH organization had already made an advance payment for the rent of  indoor hall facilities at the Roca Negra Hotel to Cultural Creatives Europe – Now apparently used for something else since the outdoor area at The Finca Las Longueras was granted for free in 10 days.

¤ We have now received a written invoice/statement from “Cultural Creatives Europe” covering the expenses for the payment in advance – However without supporting vouchers.

¤ The Cultural Creatives Europe representatives did arrange some “GOFIO” days in the city Guia. During the stay by the undersigned in January 2011 before the venue was launched quite a lot of meetings was arranged and supposed to be joint informative and final agreements the parties concerned. The GOFIO arrangements was unfortunately mixed somewhat into the AACCH concept and the public relation materials made out by Culture Creatives Europe contained both programs under the same hat, but under different names being the arrangers. The AACCH organization had made a surplus of own flyers, programs and posters.

¤ The exhibition in Agaete was later on moved to indoor facilities in the city Galdar.

¤ It was announced from the start, that the artists should pay an amount of Euro 30,00 per stand, but the undersigned decided not to collect anything due to the circumstances and the conditions under which the exhibition was carried out. Entrance fee was also taken away leaving eventual donations for “Safe the Child”.

¤ The concerts in St. Mary Church of Guia were performed smoothly thanks to a good co-operation with the municipality and the church staff. Our AACCH musicians and singers made some really good performances and the sound acoustic was perfect for music arrangements in The St. Mary Church of Guia.


The undersigned had to leave Gran Canaria a few days before scheduled due to urgently necessary attendance in Denmark. The AACCH arrangements were finalized before departure.

The overall view now evaluated is somewhat mixed, insofar the “logistic” work was changed many times before and during the days of those arrangements. Several meetings failed and even few days before the launch a proposal came forward to arrange a concert evening in another city insofar the facilities should be better than the one agreed upon in Guia.

Some of the financial issues are still pending insofar the AACCH organization has received an invoice for design, coordination and personal activity in Agaete, for the Symphony of Human Unity – Euro 6.000,00 – and since the invoice is from Mariola Alsina Marketing and Communication Strategies and we have been working officially in a co-operation with the organization “Cultural Creatives Europe” it might take some time to finalize this matter.

The time spent in Gran Canaria was indeed not wasted insofar there are great potentials for future aspects. The undersigned will return to the Island at a later date and whatever was missing during this first venue, it will definitely be possible to create and arrange other venues in Gran Canary – probably already in August 2011.

A special thank you goes to the administration and staff at the Las Longueras Rural Hotel, the Municipality and people in Guia, who assisted us during the event period with practical issues. Last but not least the always precise driver Paco driving us around the Island telling lots of details about the nature and habits in Gran Canary.

Editor and signed by

Kurt Lykke Lindved

Goodwill Ambassador (AACCH)

Email :

Phone : +45 86 43 48 96 (Duet Worldwide)

Phone : +45 23 11 02 24 (Mobile)

Copy sent to:

AACCH Administration

Deloitte, Copenhagen

Lou & Partners Advocates International

AACCH co-operating NGO organizations

The Municipality of Guia, Gran Canary

Las Longueras, Agaete, Gran Canary

Aarhus, Denmark – 26. February 2011

OBS: New address Denmark from 15. March 2011:

Soltoften 9

8250 Egaa


¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

“Symphony of Human Unity” – Gran Canary 7 – 27 February 2011
Las Palmas – Agaete – Guia.

The Organization Artists in Action ¤ Culture unites Cultures for Humanity” will in February 2011 launch several activities on Gran Canary, in cooperation with the “Cultural Creative Europe” which is part of a larger global organization.

All the activities will be incorporated under the name “Symphony of Human Unity”, where several kinds of cultural events will be reconciled with other cultures in the work for support and help for humanity in general, but also a direct relief to the people in the world who most need both financial and practical help.

The events will start in the city Agate, which situated on the northern part of Gran Canary, where the main activities will take place at the “Finch Las Long eras Hotel Rural” situated in very beautiful and mountainous surroundings near the sea. From 7 – 17 February 2011 we can present exhibits, entertainment, dancing and a stand with Gofio products as the island has in large quantities and varieties.

Bus transportation to Agaete will be arranged from all over the island as needed and there will be more posts stuck in hotels with information on both events and also bus services for Agaete…

On February 18th, 2011 activities moved to the town of Guia which is located directly near Agaete. Here will be established booths at the town square, with among other lots of Gofio commodities, tastings and entertainment. The Gofio events will end on 20 February 2011.

The 19 and 20 February 2011 will two top professional classical pianists perform in St. Mary Church of Guia with a varied repertoire which spans from J.S.Bach. Chopin and works by composers such as Debussy, S. Rachmaninoff, L.van Beethoven and Takemitsu. Those concerts will start both days at 20.00 hrs.

Among the special features we can also mention a larger group from Mali, AfricaBabemba Stage Musical Groups and Dancers” who will present art, crafts and traditional dances from a rich repertoire rehearsed on their own music and dance school in Mali.

Finally there will be special tours around the island including a wine tasting trip to one of the island’s wonderful castles especially created for the performers and the many tourists who are staying at Gran Canary in precisely this period,

Best regards,

Kurt Lykke Lindved

Goodwill Ambassador (AACCH)

Email :

Phone : + 45 86 43 48 96 (Duet Worldwide)

“Symphony of Human Unity” – Gran Canary

“Artists in Action – Culture unites Cultures for Humanity”

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

Developments and Progress in 2011

Another year has passed revue, and traditions are usually repeated with a look back in the wake-strip which leaves the track of the navigation needed during the journey from the beginning to the marker buoy called New Year 2011.

The year 2010 has been marked by numerous landmark globally and locally – a continuation of the financial crisis, nature disasters, conflict and war, but also new and positive developments, where we again may have a  glimpse of the fruits of the work done to stabilize the human values and an attempt to get a climate deal in place.

I have been deeply engaged in the up-building of the the organization, “Artists in Action – Culture unites Cultures for Humanity” and especially the work to find suitable “meeting points” has taken quite some time and resources in a life where I am preoccupied with my own and multiple tasks.

It is my hope that we will get a good start with the first events in 2011 which are combinations with exhibitions, music, entertainment and much more. The now established events will all be named under the header  “Symphony of Human Unity” and status today is as follows:

¤ Gran Canaria – Exhibition, Entertainment, Events and Tours – Roca Negra Hotel International, Agaete 7 to 27 Feb 2011

¤ Denmark – Solo Exhibition and Concert by Alasdair Urquhart, UK and Sabrina Lanzi, Italy – Aarhus Music and Theatre House 7 April to 7 May 2011

¤ Portugal – Exhibition, Entertainment, Events and Tours – Quinta do Pinheiro, Nazaré Auditorium and the Culture House, Nazaré 23 May – 13 June 2011

All events can be found via the following links:

Gran Canaria 7 – 27 February 2011

Denmark 7 April – 7 May 2011

Portugal 23 May – 13 June 2011

Finally, you would like to thank the many who have been helpful with assistance and advice throughout the preparation phase. A special thanks to those who have guided me in the countries and cities I’ve visited over the years – Ecuador, Gran Canaria, Germany, France, Portugal, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, USA and England.

After New Year I will be in Gran Canaria during the period 5 to 12 January 2011, when the final details to be finalized for the event “Symphony of Human Unity”7 – 27 February 2011

I hereby wish everyone a prosperous and happy New Year 2011 and hope to see many “portal” friends “live” in the years to come.


Kurt Lykke Lndved

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤  ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

BOARDING SOON to “Quinta do Pinheiro – Nazaré”

Exhibition Event – Nazaré, Portugal

23. May – 13 June 2011

“Symphony of Human Unity”

Participating Artists – ( Exhibitors of Art Works ) – Package deals.

Rates valid for stays at “Quinta do Pinheiro”  incl. exhibition space (9 floor square meters per exhibitor), entertainment and lectures but excl. meals and other hotel services.

  • 3 Weeks all inclusiveEuro 1.679,00 per person incl. Accommodation, Lectures, Workshops Outdoor, Tours around the area of Nazaré, Exhibition Space, Entertainment, Guest Speakers/Lecturers, In- and Outside Performances.
  • 2 Weeks – (second and third week)Euro 1.150,00 per person incl.  Hotel Accommodation, Lectures, Workshops Outdoor, Tours around the area of Nazaré, Exhibition Space and Entertainment in-door (Quinta do Pinheiro and the Public Cultural House)
  • 1 Week – (second week) Euro 625,00 per person incl.  Hotel Accommodation, Exhibition Space and Entertainment in-door

Applicable for Artists in the local and regional area of Nazaré:

Participating artists are free to stay over nights outside the Quinta do Pinheiro. The stands offered in the exhibition hall are free of charge and should you stay outside, separate prices are applicable  for exhibiting  participants – a fee price of Euro 30,00 per person incl. a stand of 9 floor square meters with wallswill apply. Special arrangements like tours around the regional area, Lectures and Workshops will be charged separately.

Terms of participating artists can be viewed via this link:

*Artist in Action – Culture unites Cultures for Humanity” is a non-profit organization and no VAT applicable to the abovementioned prices.

Artists in Action – Culture unites Cultures for Humanity”

Kurt Lykke Lindved

Email : or

Phone: +45 86 43 48 96 (Duet Worldwide)

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤


Administration ¤ Collaborators ¤ Donations

The Organization “Artists in Action – Culture unites cultures for Humanity” is still evolving and several exhibition events and concerts will be executed during 2011.

As a part of this development we will continue to complete administrative tasks in the best manner and we have therefore assigned the following persons in the administration:

Amer Raja, Mauritius – International PR, Marketing and Sponsorship Key Person in Sales and Research.

Maria José, Portugal – Liaison Officer, Exhibition Events, Logistic, PR and Marketing

We wish Maria José and Amer Raja warmly welcomed into the AACCH organization and look forward to a good and fruitful cooperation in the future.

The up-coming exhibition event in the Roca Negra Hotel International, Agaete, Gran Canary has been established in co-operation with the organisation “Cultural Creatives Europe” managed by Mariola Alsina, Gran Canary:

…And we are looking forward to a fruitful and beneficial co-operation and hopefully to be continued in future projects.

A video slide show is available:

New and exciting projects are being planned and everyone is welcome to contribute with ideas, suggestions, potential sponsors or suitable “meeting-event-points” to meet our basic requirements as per the following information which can be viewed via this link:

“Artists in Action – Culture unites Cultures for Humanity” is an independent, autonomous and apolitical non-profit organization with the aims to combine culture with other cultures for better understanding and compassion for the benefit of that part of the world`s population who need help in humanitarian and educational opportunities in the poorest part of the world.

Donations are welcomed during our event- or charity arrangements, but you can also make donations directly to our AACCH account 4380 948 287 Iban DK9020004380948287 SWIFT/BIC NDEADKKK Cvr. 13522197 Copenhagen – Anonymous or public in your option. Public donations will be announced in our web blog and during the event periods. If receipts are required please make a note “confirm receipt”.

Kurt Lykke Lindved

Goodwill Ambassador (AACCH)

E-mail :

Phone : +45 86 434896 (Duet)

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